Advanced Preschool




Mrs. Misti Myers 2015_3yoTeachersteaches the Advanced Preschool class along with her assistant, Mrs. Jeanette Shipwash.  Mrs. Misti has a Bachelor of Science Degree and 21 years of experience developing educational programs. She has additional training in computer design, and enjoys incorporating her artistic skills into her work.  The Advanced Preschool class carries a student to teacher ratio of 5:1.

The three year old class offers a child the opportunity to move through several important developmental steps at their own rhythm and pace, through experiential activities in a small group setting.  There is a focus on nurturing the child’s self esteem and allowing him/her to express their individuality.  This allows the child to build community and establish themselves in their own right.  The children use the Handwriting Without Tears program to learn handwriting and letter recognition.
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